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What Are We Looking For? has the ability to invest seed and early stage capital in amounts ranging from US $25,000 to as much as US $5 million in high potential e-business startup projects focused on Asia.

In order to achieve our goals, we are constantly monitoring our current projects and the Internet as a whole to truly exploit its potential power. We constantly analyze marketing trends, industry players, internet success stories and the latest infrastructure technologies to be at the forefront of business concept innovation and business model evolution.

Hence, we are eager to work with a team who possess the following resources and attitudes:

Due to our focus on long-term value creation and income, portfolio projects strive to combine great ideas, dedicated management and adequate financing for growth. In addition to the investment parameters set forth in our investment goals, we seek projects which take advantage of the following critical factors:

First-to-market product

We seek projects that involve products or services that are pioneer in nature and will likely dictate the standards and underlying economics of their respective fields in the Internet world.

Income-Appreciation ratio focuses on projects with exceptional potential for capital appreciation. However we also require investment returns from a stabilized income stream representing roughly 20%-40% of total project returns.

Replicable business model, non people-intensive businesses

Since the Internet may be operated from anywhere and may target any market, we prefer projects that will maximize these benefits and will provide a model that may be transferable to other venues, ideas and opportunities. Although great people are a unique resource, we prefer projects that require minimum labor. As we all know, great people can be hard to find. prefers to invest in e-commerce and internet infrastructure business plans that will provide the following:

Appropriate financing structure

We seek projects that allow us to maximize returns via a broad range of creative financing schemes for both seed investment and future expansion.

Reasonable timeframe to recover investment

Although the Internet is still in its infancy, we require projects that will allow us to achieve adequate returns within 2-7 years depending on the nature of the business, size of investment and project stage in which we have invested.

Superior returns

Providing seed capital to start-up e-commerce businesses is obviously very risky. To compensate for the high -risk, we seek projects which have a reasonable risk / return ratio.